Cold Gal Aerosol

Product Code: 10140

Impact-A Cold Gal is a zinc rich coating that provides long term protection against rust and corrosion. Impact-A Cold Gal is excellent for the repair of damaged galvanised steel.

It is ideal for use on ferrous metals such as steel roofs, fences, gates, wrought iron and galvanised iron.

Impact-A Cold Gal provides excellent long-term protection and is ideally suited to coat any ferrous metal parts that require protection or touch ups to any galvanised parts.

It is used extensively in metal fabrication and gives galvanic protection to weld joints.

It dries to a matt grey finish.

- Protects iron and steel against rust and corrosion
- Great for repair on galvanised steel
- 98.5% Pure zinc and approximately 75-80% metallic zinc pigment in the dry film
- Provides excellent long term protection


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