Envirus Reusable Everyday Mask - Red. Aussie Made.

Product Code: 29029

The Envirus Everyday Mask is easy breathing, flexible, and comfortable. Specifically designed to be used for long periods every day. The outer layer has water repellent properties with an anti-microbial/anti-bacterial treatment. The inner finer stitched fabric allows for better filtration and is permanently anti-microbial thanks to the inherent highly flexible liquid titanium woven into the fabric. When worn correctly using both elastic fasteners the mask will provide a good seal around the face and with the added feature of a flexible nose clamp the mask moulds to any face type and provides a good fit and limit leakage.

Washing: Masks can be washed according to care instructions and reused.

Fit and comfort: If you observe people wearing masks in public, you will notice there are often gaps either down the side of the nose, under the chin or sides. We have used years of tailoring expertise and chosen flexible materials to ensure a comfortable fit that minimises leakage.

Nose Bridge: The bridge of the nose is a point of leakage that affects many masks. We have inserted a mouldable, comfortable nose bridge to ensure a better fit and less leakage. Just squeeze gently and push onto nose and against the face across the bridge of your nose.

IMPORTANT : Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap or sanitiser before fitting. Look in the mirror to check fit and check for potential leak points. Do not touch the front of a mask once fitted. Remove using straps without touching front of mask. Wash in hot water with detergent between use and dry.

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that any mask will protect against infection and masks are not a substitute for all other precautions including social distancing and proper sanitisation of hands. While we have used the best information available to us, information evolves on a regular basis and we make no specific claims regarding the effectiveness of our masks against Coronavirus.

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