Simpson Strong-Tie is a Global business which is US based and is focused on engineering solutions for the domestic and commercial construction industry. The company has been in business since 1956, where in California, Barclay Simpson was asked by a customer to bend a piece of steel to join 2 pieces of timber, and the Timber Connector was invented.

Since then Simpson Strong-Tie in Australia has broadened the product range to include Collated Fasteners for timber and steel in the Quik Drive brand. Simpson Strong-Tie has a full line of Concrete fixing products including Mechanical and Chemical Anchoring products.

Simpson Strong-Tie Australia has just released a full line of Timber Connectors suitable for the Australian market. These products have been sourced from the US and Europe and we utilize the innovation and product development from these regions to offer better engineered solutions for the construction industry. We continue to offer these engineered solutions for the industry and will not compromise on our “No Equal” quality policy.


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