Stabila is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality measuring tools for craftsmen and building professionals. Sold in over 80 countries, the Stabila product range includes spirit levels, lasers, electronic measuring tools, folding rules and tape measures. More than 550 employees are committed to Stabila’s success worldwide, including around 350 in their headquarters at Annweiler, Germany. At the core of Stabila’s worldwide market leadership and continued growth is their development of innovative products that meet the needs of construction and trade professionals around the world.


In late 2018, Stabila consolidated the company’s commitment to its Australian customers by acquiring Hordern & Co, thus establishing its first, fully-owned subsidiary in Australia. Hordern & Co has been operating as the company’s exclusive distributor of Stabila products since the 1950s.  As part of the acquisition, Stabila Australia Pty Ltd has become the sole distributor of Bessey clamping technology, Felo screwdrivers and Pressol lubrication products.


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