Rapid System Solutions are a distributor of the S-5! - highly efficient and premium quality metal roof top mounting solutions for Solar, HVAC, Communications Equipment, and almost any Other Device that needs to be mounted on a metal roof.

Done once- the right way – It’s ripper! All S-5! Components are supplied with a 25 year warranty!

In addition to competitive material costs, the S-5! Solutions offer sizeable labour, transport, handling and weight savings, and eliminate very expensive call backs for installers / trades for common issues such as roof leaks, drainage blocks, warranty violations, or damage to the roof or equipment due to less than ideal mounting practices.

The S-5! solutions, with S-5! clamps and brackets are The Right Way™ to mount to any metal roof using our lifetime “double-seal” performance – or no roof penetration at all. S-5! is quick & simple to install, preserves roof warranties and lasts as long as the roof itself.

Don’t leave it to chance: Fix it, so it never needs “fixing.”


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