Force360 is the new Force in protection, a designer and manufacturer of premium performance gloves, safety spectacles, disposable and hi-vis clothing, hearing protection, respiratory protection, head protection and hydration products. A bold brand that takes design and technology to a new level whilst ensuring all products conform to both Australian and European Standards.

The Force360 brands was developed to provide users with maximum protection without compromising comfort; a feat not seen before in the Australian marketplace.

The entire range is Designed to Protect, and as a company, we stand behind this statement and this is what sets us apart from our competitors. With an unwavering commitment to developing advanced, task specific solutions to fit our customers’ needs, our main focus is the wearer, as we strive to eliminate all injuries sustained in the workplace.

Our products are designed with three key components; protection, comfort and durability. The Force360 range is adaptable and continually evolves as we strive to push the boundaries in protection, that is our driving force and our commitment to you.


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