Polo Citrus are an Australian owned company that manufactures industrial cleaning products and dust suppressants in Melbourne. In the early 1990s, Polo Citrus commenced manufacturing products based on natural orange oil. Over a 20 year period, they have now developed an extensive range of products that are based on both ‘natural orange’ chemistry as well as ‘conventional’ chemistry.

Polo Citrus supply cleaning products to a wide variety of market segments including industrial, foodservice and retail to name a few. The range of products in the portfolio are environmentally friendly and ecologically aware, ‘we strive to ensure our products are easy to use and safe for the environment and the end user’, Managing Director, Brett Aisen said. The portfolio of cleaning products continues to change and grow with the need of Polo Citrus to continually stay ahead of the requirements of legislation and environmental requirements.

Polo Citrus have also been supplying the extractive industrial since their inception early in the 90s. They manufacture biodegradable dust suppressants for mines, quarries and the agricultural market both in Australia and Internationally.

Polo Citrus have always strived to be The Natural Solution and now by adding even more value, they are the Key to a Cleaner Environment.


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