BUILDPRO work gear, tool belts and accessories are crafted from the finest grade leathers and designed for the toughest work environments.  Our leather work gear is manufactured by combining premium 4mm leather, heavy duty rivets and long life stitching.  We also use 10 micron thick nickel plating on all our metal holders.

Our leather quality is of the highest grade and we control the leather manufacturing process from raw hide to finished product ‘in-house’.  We are the only manufacturer in this category with our own tannery.  We prepare our leather using a process that allows it to breathe making it highly moisture resistant, which is why our leather is all weather rated.  

All our work gear, tool belts and accessories are subject to rigorous testing and control.  Once passing these tests all are stamped with the BUILDPRO seal of approval ready for use on any work site.


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