TQB Brands has grown to become one of the largest garage equipment suppliers in Australia and market recognised leading brands Tradequip, Borum and Red Label. We offer an extensive range of products, including Garage & Workshop, Industrial, Agricultural and Construction Tools. We continually strive to introduce new and innovative tools and equipment for the professional, which comply or exceed international standards, never compromising on quality to achieve great value for money.

Our ‘Flagship’ brand of mid-range workshop equipment, is designed for use in a demanding workshop environment by professional users. With proven “Made for the Trade” reliability, the Tradequip products offer premium performance for the price, backed by a 1year trade guarantee.

Our top of the range Borum Industrial equipment has been manufactured to exacting standards for the past 30 years, We specify “Industrial Quality” components and design to ensure a long and durable working life in a heavy duty industrial environment.

Our entry level range of garage equipment is offered under the brand “Red Label”. It’s positioned as our price fighter range of products, designed for occasional use in a workshop environment. Our challenge with this short range of popular products, is to offer a “Great Price” whilst maintaining ‘fit for purpose’ quality assurance standards.


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