Established in 1954, McMillan Air Compressors Pty Ltd are still a family owned & run business. Andrew and Guy Baker have continued running McMillan as a family company, which was purchased by their father in 1971, from the original owners. Andrew joined McMillan in 1972, with Guy joining shortly after in 1974. Simon Baker joined the company in 1976.

McMillan offers a large range of air compressors to the professional tradesman, manufacturing, automotive, mining and farming industries.

McMillan product range includes electrically driven machines, in both 240 & 415 volt, petrol and diesel driven compressors, high pressure 2-stage and low noise units supplied in specifically designed cabinets.

Low profile and custom built machines are also part of our large range.

All units are strictly built to and comply with the varying Australian Standards which are applicable to air compressors.

Owners of a McMillan compressor can take comfort knowing they have invested in a quality product, fully backed up by an extensive warranty, a national service network and a large inventory of spare parts, allowing machines of well over 30 years to still be maintained and kept operational.

McMillan only use top quality components for their machines and rely exclusively on Teco for their 240 & 415 volt motors, Honda for petrol engines and Yanmar for their diesel range.

All of these companies are market leaders and all have their own extensive nationwide service agents.

McMillan also offers a large range of both horizontal and vertical pressure vessels, with tank sizes ranging from 60 litres through to 1,240 litres, and larger if required.

As part of servicing the industrial market, a large range of air treatment equipment is available, including refrigerated dryers and in-line filters, which reduce / eliminate contaminants from the compressed air, such as moisture, oil, rust & dirt particles, etc.

This air treatment can extend right through to a breathable air level.

On site visits, technical telephone support and a large range of heavy duty machines make McMillan Air Compressors a market leader.

McMillan still stands by the company motto: - “Quality Costs Less” and after 60 years there still must be some logic in these words.


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