Tip 1: How to Choose a Castor or Wheel

What Load Capacity Do I Need?

  1. Take the total load weight of your project (eg. I'm making a trolley that needs to hold 500kg)
  2. Divide that number by the quantity of castors to be used (eg. I'm going to use 4 castors for my trolley)
  3. Now you have the capacity required per castor! (eg. 500kg divided by 4 = 125kg per castor)


Light Duty

Medium Duty

Which Type Of Wheel Do I Need?

  1. Nylon (Low rolling resistance, durable, non marking, ideal for hard, smooth surfaces and outside/wet environments)
  2. Rubber (Shock absorbing, non marking, ideal for timber/vinyl/concrete flooring)
  3. Polyurethane (Hard wearing, quiet operation, low rolling resistance, non-marking, ideal for timber/vinyl/concrete flooring)




Which Fixing Type Do I Need?

  1. Plate Type (Best supported fitting, either bolt or weld to the product)
  2. Bolt Type (Ideal for fixing into tube, for trolleys and display equipment)
  • Swivel (for multi direction)
  • Rigid (for straight lines)
  • Brake (for locking castor wheels)

Plate Fixing

Bolt Fixing

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